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How to Drive Traffic to your website

Nowadays, online traffic has significantly increased, with many consumers seeking information online and businesses shifting to an online presence to better capitalize on this trend. A few minutes is all it takes to create an online store. Success in a swamp of e-commerce businesses will require significant resources, time, business experience, and marketing knowledge.
Many businesses believe the fundamentals of digital presence, such as creating a simple website and launching social media accounts, are enough to compete in the current markets. However, in most markets, this is not the case. Most of the time, this results in very few leads and conversions. So what do the best e-commerce businesses do, and how can we become a successful e-commerce business?

There are five primary sources of traffic: direct, referral, organic, paid search, and social

Direct Traffic

Direct traffic accounts for more than 50% of total traffic. All leading e-commerce websites have these factors in common that drive direct traffic: long-term brand familiarity, strong brand awareness, and repetitive purchases.

Search Traffic

Search traffic accounts for around 32% of total traffic. The most popular search traffic generation is Google accounting for 97.01% compared to 2nd best Yahoo! At 0.99%.
Organic search traffic is significant to the profitability of an e-commerce business. The only way to improve is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO); having proper SEO means delivering genuine and unique content that users actively seek. A strong SEO will see your website rank higher on search engines. The great thing about organic search traffic is that it is a cost-effective strategy for businesses to build a digital presence.

Referral Traffic

Referral traffic accounts for around 8.3% of total traffic. Referral traffic refers to the traffic coming from external sites—for example, a website using external links to direct users to another website. To increase referral traffic, it will require more links to be generated or place highly rated sources that will lead to the website.

Social Traffic

Social traffic accounts for around 3.2% of total traffic; this is also the lowest traffic source. However, many businesses continue to invest in this source. The current leaders of traffic generation are Facebook and Reddit.

E-commerce Leaders in Organic Search Visibility

SEO is critical to the success of e-commerce regardless of the size of the business. Over 90% of consumers will do a quick search to help them make an informed purchasing decision. It is essential for a site to be visible to help customers in their buying journey to drive sales.

E-commerce Leaders in Paid Traffic

Paid traffic like Google Adwords is used to drive traffic to company sites. Successful organizations know not to overcommit to one strategy and therefore like to diversify their leads. One of these strategies is Paid traffic in the form of pay-per-clicks (PPC). PPC is an easy way to boost sales, visibility, and branding at a financial cost. However, organic traffic is still superior as it is cost-effective, and there are more leads from organic traffic than paid traffic.

PLA and Display Ads

With the online space being significantly competitive and oversaturated, it is hard to compete with leading players in the market, especially in ranking for top commercial keywords and customer loyalty. Other paid strategies that businesses capitalize on to be more competitive are Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and Display Ads.

Product Listing Ads

Different from text and display ads, PLAs enable businesses to target their ads on specific products and product lines. It helps strengthen brand awareness among the products that the company sells. Most PLA contains a product picture, its price, and the business brand.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is traditionally the first interaction between a business and a customer, this type of advertisement increases the brand/product awareness to the consumer. Popular ad networks such as Google Display Network reach up to 92% of all internet users; therefore, it is an efficient way for businesses to reach users. The best thing about display ads is that it is cost-effective as it does not require a considerable budget while showing ads on high-profile websites.


The best e-commerce businesses diversify their strategies when generating leads and conversions. The challenging thing about digital marketing is that a specific strategy could work today, but it may not work tomorrow. To be a successful e-commerce business, it is vital to adapt lead-generation strategies to consumer traffic trends; investing too much in one strategy could result in loopholes when the algorithm changes. Always keep an open mind and know the different options available to acquire traffic.
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