Accessory Design -Intern
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Job Description:

As an Accessory Designer, you will be responsible for conceptualizing, designing, and developing a wide range of accessories, such as handbags, shoes, jewelry, belts, and other fashion or lifestyle-related items. Your role will involve staying up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, conducting market research, creating sketches and prototypes, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to bring your designs to life.


1) Research and analyze market trends, consumer preferences, and competitor products to identify opportunities for new accessory designs.
2) Develop creative concepts and sketches for a variety of accessories, considering factors such as functionality, aesthetics, and target audience.
3) Create detailed technical drawings and specifications to communicate design concepts to manufacturers and production teams.
4)Collaborate closely with product development, sourcing, and production teams to ensure designs are translated into high-quality, commercially viable products.
5)Select appropriate materials, trims, and hardware to be used in the production of accessories, considering cost, quality, and design requirements.

Internship Mode: Hybrid/Work from Home

Location: Satellite Office/ Gurgaon

Stipend: 8 to 10K INR per month
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