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At Customer Maps, we are committed to making diversity, inclusion, and belongingness top priorities. We value the inclusion of employees, partners, communities, and clients; together, we act on the purpose by fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion, diverse cultures, and ethnicities. Diversity is a strength at Customer Maps, and we strive to create a safe and welcoming corporate culture for all. We celebrate this diversity as it helps us better serve the clients we work with while also providing a competitive business advantage.


Our company purpose “Through technology, we will change lives”. We focus our activation efforts on five areas:
‘Women Breaks Barriers'
which is aimed at getting girls to join and stay in digital technology.
‘One Starting Line’
which is aimed at increasing inclusivity for all in digital world.
which is aimed at recognizing things that makes one unique.
which is aimed at creating fairness, equal opportunity and culture add.
which is aimed at need to belong in our unique way.


The future of work is actually happening now. We know that it's happening really fast.
We also know that millennials are seeking jobs, looking for a purpose, and seeking diversity. Our focus is inclusiveness; all voices should be heard, and all demographics should be represented, ensuring the best possible staff meeting. At Customer Maps, our aim is to lead and be the role model for optimism, growth, and diversity by saying, "We're doing talent reviews," "We're looking at promotions," and "We're looking at succession planning."


We are convinced that mixed leadership teams have a competitive advantage and are drivers of business success. Our team is comprised of 80% women, and we believe in the empowerment of women in digital technology leadership positions.


A prerequisite for increasing the number of women in the organization is the general admission of women within the company at all levels. We have various initiatives in place to guarantee that our succession pipeline is balanced, including a mentoring program for female talent.


Customer Maps is a tech-enabled digital marketing solutions provider, and we create custom strategies for our clients based on their business needs, challenges, and goals. Our strategies answer the 6Ws (how, what, where, when, and why) based on consumer behavior. We specialize in optimizing search engine optimization to grow traffic, pay-per-click advertising to improve brand exposure, search ads to get higher conversions and profits, and Google Analytics to help build a data-driven approach for your business.

Digital Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

Website Development

Ecommerce Management

Social Medial Marketing

Branding & Marketing Strategy


Our team is made up of experienced marketers, designers, developers, and analysts, and we know what it takes to get real results in the digital world. We keep the focus on your business persona and the metrics like leads, conversion rate, and revenue generation. We know that reaching these goals is what moves businesses forward, and we trust that our clients' success is the best measure of our own performance.


We are committed to providing a personalized and professional e-commerce strategy. We will enhance e-commerce through the implementation of stunning websites, Google Smart Shopping campaigns, market segmentation, product ranking through SEO, and much more! Our team of marketing professionals is devoted to helping your business attract and perfect customers, generate targeted traffic, convert subscribers into paying customers, and retain customers. To learn more, book a free consultation with our professional team!


Are you interested in building your marketing skills and working with real clients? Customer Maps wants you! We are looking for dedicated business students in their third or later year of a marketing major. As an intern at Customer Maps, you will work with mentors who are marketing professionals. You will gain hands-on experience consulting with clients, building your knowledge in e-commerce and digital strategy, and developing presentation skills. Working for Customer Maps will look great on a resume and will build the skills necessary for your future career goals! Apply now!

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MEET Riyaz!

Riyaz is the CEO and founder of Customer Maps and a creative female entrepreneur. Riyaz stands out as a person and a role model because she moved from a nation that has a reputation for restricting women's ability to succeed in business. She clearly exploited being a mother, being a woman, speaking a second language, and being a minority member as advantages rather than obstacles when she immigrated to Canada with two young children. She has achieved greater success than starting a start-up, and she has developed a name for herself and a solid reputation to the point that she can offer advice to others on how to be successful. She is an example of a successful female entrepreneur and inspires others.

She is an accomplished IT specialist with great expertise in Google Analytics, e-commerce development, and digital marketing. Riyaz earned a four-year Bachelor of Technology degree in 2004. (B.Tech., Information Technology). She earned an Advance Diploma in Management in 2007 and used it to hone her business management skills. At a prestigious national company, Riyaz worked eight years as the Manager of Digital Channel Strategy and Ecommerce. She is developing a cutting-edge business idea known as "customer maps" that would aid small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in defending themselves against the disruptive effects of big brands. According to her, the goal of life is to improve the quality of other people's lives, assist in problem-solving, and motivate others in your neighbourhood and throughout the globe.

Our Team

Co-Founder & COO
Award-winning digital marketing and retail professional with vast experience working with companies including Adidas, Reebok, and Oliver Fashion. creative thinker that thinks beyond the box, has good business sense, and has a heavy emphasis on strategic marketing ideas and digital tools to address companies in the digital environment. Ahsen is a digital strategist who graduated from Columbia Business School with a degree in digital marketing with a concentration from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
E-Commerce Brand Consultant
Silviya serves as an E-Commerce brand consultant for customer mapping. She is skilled at identifying emerging companies and enhancing their growth through brand auditing. With a variety of businesses, she has worked on social media, website design, and branding. Her bachelor's degree is in business administration (marketing). She also excels at leveraging various social media channels to maximize digital presence for new enterprises.
Digital Advertising Expert
Anjika works for Customer Maps as a Digital Advertising specialist. She is adept at developing marketable strategies, proposals, and presentations for customers and financiers. She has worked on a variety of initiatives at Customer Maps, including client presentations, social media creation, and google ads. Anjika graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Business degree with a Marketing major and an Operations Management minor. You may find her working on Photoshop, binge-watching Netflix, or organizing her upcoming international vacation when she has free time.
Content & SEO Specialist
Riyana works for Customer Maps as a search engine optimization analyst. She has expertise in keyword research, Google Analytics, SEMRUSH tools, and data analysis. She employs SEO tactics to help clients achieve their objectives. Riyana has a bachelor's degree in business analytics with a data science minor from the Alberta School of Business. Riyana enjoys travelling, skiing, and riding in her spare time.
Graphic Design Specialist
Khayti works as a Graphic Design Specialist at Customer Maps. She has UI/UX design and graphic design skills. For e-commerce and technology enterprises, she created and oversaw dozens of online, graphic, and media designs. She has contributed to client initiatives for companies including TGIX, Modwell, Korite, Critical Control Energy Service, and Merchant Processing Group. Khayti is a fashion design graduate. She likes to dance, read, and create art in her spare time.
Graphic Specialist
Sreelakshmi works as a Graphic Specialist at Customer Maps. She has expertise in static and vector graphics, UI/UX, and rebranding. She has worked on the branding, site design, and social media for a number of clients. She graduated from NIFT New Delhi with a Bachelor of Design in Fashion Communication. Ishita likes to bake, swim, and read in her free time.
Content & SEO Specialist
Aishwarya works as a Search Engine Optimization Analyst at Customer Maps. She has expertise in keyword research, Google Analytics, SEMRush tools, and data analysis. She employs SEO tactics to help clients achieve their objectives. Aishwarya has a bachelor's degree in business analytics and data science from the University of Calgary. Aishwarya enjoys riding, travelling, and skiing in her spare time.
E-Commerce Brand Consultant
Zil is a Customer Maps intern that works as an E-Commerce brand consultant. She has expertise in E-Brand auditing, spotting emerging brands, and maximizing their expansion. With a number of businesses, she has worked on their social media, web design, and branding. She has a Bachelor of Design degree. She is presently working on a master's degree in fashion management with a trends and culture minor. She also succeeds at maximizing a brand's overall internet presence. She enjoys stitching, watching old films and sitcoms, and working on her digital rendering abilities in her free time.
Digital Marketing Strategist
Jason is Customer Maps' digital marketing strategist. He is proficient in social media marketing, email marketing, digital advertising, and content marketing. Jason is a fourth-year student at the University of Alberta's Alberta School of Business. He has worked on social media marketing campaigns and social media content strategies in addition to creating CMS websites for customers. Jason enjoys playing video games and soccer in his free time.
Design & Development
Kartikay is a Customer Maps expert in software design and development. He is a Software Engineer with extensive experience in software development, testing, and documentation throughout the whole product development life cycle. Adept in requirement gathering, documentation, infrastructure setup, coding, unit testing, and integration testing for end-to-end software design and development. He effectively manages and coordinates challenging projects to produce the required outcomes.

See what our customers are saying

  • I have been working with Customer Maps for a year now and I have been very pleased with the work. They are experts in their field and continues to provide innovative solutions. I highly recommend the team there!

    -David Lui, CEO & President @KORITE | Board Director | Advisor | Brand Transformation | Omnichannel Commerce Leader & Investor

  • The staff at Raydius Digital are very professional and experienced at their craft. They helped us establish a strong social media presence and presented us with a unique pathway forward. The team is very responsive and creative which was most welcome!

    -Brad Trumble, Vice President, Business Development at Critical Control Energy Services

  • Ahsen and his team provided us excellent support with our Ecommerce website. They were able to problem solve and efficiently find solutions for our Shopify website in the areas of shipping policies, banking information, etc. They presented us with various options. They have a positive attitude and friendly customer service/support.

    -Alnoor Remtullah, President at Twiga Industries Inc.

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At Customer Maps we are committed to show up when customers search for your product & services. Understand your customers, map the modern journey and reach them first to WIN.
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