Voice Search Strategy

Grow sales and cultivate customer loyalty with Voice Search

Why your brand should have a voice search strategy

Why is voice search becoming popular

Voice-Enabled Device Interaction is Becoming a Part of Consumers’ Day-to-Day Routine and Approximately 1 in 5 consumers are using voice search every week. In 2020, 30% of web browsing sessions were screen less. This created a shift in how consumers interact with brands online.

65% of people who own an Amazon Echo or Google Home can’t imagine going back to the days before they had a smart speaker. For many people, smart speakers are not just devices, but part of a lifestyle


Voice Assistance Search is shaping consumer behavior

Retail and Ecommerce brands can use voice search to grow sales and cultivate customer loyalty. Voice search is rapidly being integrated into the lives of consumers, driving a pressing need for businesses to develop a voice search digital marketing strategy. Not only does voice search change how people conduct searches, but it also changes how people find products and interact with brands.

Voice search is on the rise and will continue to grow

Voice search offers a new, more human relationship with technology. People are engaging with their voice-activated speakers as if they were human. They’re saying “please,” “thank you,” and even “sorry.” People perceive the devices as more than just an electronic toy, they’re more akin to another person or a friend.

What Are People Using Voice Search For?

Check the Weather
Find Nearby Store
Find a Movie Time
Play a Song
Help With Homework
Ask For Directions
Find About Famous People
Call Someone
Make an Online Purchase

A Voice Strategy Can Improve Customer Experience

Consumers Use Voice to Make Purchases. Voice Assistance Search is shaping consumer behavior. It’s part of the daily routine. Voice Interaction is Directly Linked to Local Search and an Increase in Phone Calls. Having a voice search strategy today isn't just important for ensuring your customers can find you, but it’s also necessary when you want to prevent prospects from finding your competition instead.

Use Of Voice Search

58% of consumers use voice search to find local business information. Voice searches are often used to research and locate local businesses because of their convenience for on-the-go customers.

28% of consumers go on to call the business they voice searched for. This is the most common action following a voice search, since it allows consumers to continue interacting with brands via their voices

Why is voice search growing so quickly?

There are 3 main drivers behind this trend

1. Searching with your voice is 3.7x faster than typing
2. Voice is perfect for mobile searches.
3. Voice search is more convenient.

Why your Brand Should Have a Voice Search Strategy

voice search strategy isn’t about just trying to remain relevant in an evolving digital landscape; it’s about identifying ways to utilize voice search to create digital experiences that increase customer loyalty and build brand awareness.
Voice search offers valuable insights into consumer behaviour and preferences, information that can be utilized for more personalized messaging and experiences.

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