Landing Pages and Buyer Psychology

When planning your landing page, we understand that for most instances, you should be able to drop paid traffic onto that landing page and still see good results. An optimized landing page will work great for both SEO and PPC purposes. When your organically optimized page is not a good landing page which converts, you will bethrowing away valuable traffic, and bottom line, you'll be throwing away your money.
In order to get this mix right, we focus our efforts on optimizing landing pages for search engines and for your potential customers. We go through a process of understanding how your audience thinks when they are searching for products and services online. That information helps us determine which interests and needs need to be addressedduring the customer journey. Here’s how we do it:

Captivating, Keyword Focused Title Tag:

On your landing page, this is the most important 8 - 10 words we'll write. We keep it both keyword focused and compelling enough to be clicked on above your competitors.

Eloquent Description:

This text is the very first point of contact in search engine results and is thus a crucial component of your landing page optimization. We create descriptions that receive clicks through strong call-to-action.

Keyword-Focused, Powerful Headline:

We make sure that the user experiences continuity when making first contact with the website. The headline contains the optimized keywords and gives your potential customer a reason to stay on the page and engage with whatever is on offer. It also gives search engines the topical focus of your page.

Topically & Keyword-Focused Content:

It's very important that the content on your landing page focuses on the topic and goals your website sets out to be achieved. We use the correct keywords and related phrases, but more than that, make sure that the content will be useful to your users. We use code
to properly structure content for easy reading.


A good landing page doesn't leave the user feeling unsure about the next step to take. It is clear and concise in providing the user with a motivation to take the next step. We create a clear goal and desired action for the user to take.

Site Structure:

When grouping your keywords and creating the site structure, we consider the website topics, what keywords you want to rank for, and what the general purpose of the site is. We also consider the customer journey and make sure that the site structure will make
sense to your customers.

Trust & Credibility Signals:

Add testimonials and logos of companies your clients have worked with so far. This will send trust signals to their target market and add to their credibility. Encourage reviews from customers through social media and forum engagement, email surveys, and links to your clients' local listings.


The importance of social signals shouldn't be understated in significance when it comes to search algorithms. We make sure that your website pages are easily shareable by your users, making sure your visitors engage with your offerings.


Implementing a good on-page optimization strategy will bring paying customers to your doorstep. Even though it’s only the first step in the process, you will see an increase in good traffic to your website. Optimizing your landing pages closes the loop in the
conversion process and makes sure that these paying customers spend their money with your business.
At Customer Maps we are committed to show up when customers search for your product & services. Understand your customers, map the modern journey and reach them first to WIN.
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