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Digital Marketing

Revenues from digital marketing have been increasing exponentially. When seeking a digital marketing strategy, it is essential to consider digital advertising especially if you are an e-commerce company. The year 2021, is the best time in history to jump start your businesses digital advertising.

Google Ads Platform

The Google Ads Platform has contributed to a 48% increase in brand awareness and 35% increase brand consideration (Google, 2020). Google Analytics was noted to be the top SEO platform utilized in a digital marketing strategy. There are on average 3.5 billion Google searches per day, and can reach 90% of internet users worldwide (Google, 2020). With the utilization of specific keywords/ google extensions, your business will see a significant return on investment for utilizing google ads.

Mobile Advertising

There are 5 billion phone users in the world. When selecting a digital advertising plan, it is important to target mobile devices. The average person spends 3.5 hours on phone a day which gives your business plenty of opportunity to advertise your products. SEO queries such as “where can I buy closest to my location” have increased more than 200% since 2019. Additionally, there was 250% increases in searches stating, “stores that are open around me”. Phones produce half of the current web traffic; it is impossible to use digital ads effectively without targeting to mobile devices. Around 39% of individuals utilizing phones searched for a company’s products through a mobile app as it is more efficient to make the purchases. While 25% of businesses put money into mobile SEO. Social media is viewed more frequently on mobile devices, 98% of Facebook accounts used on a mobile device. Utilizing social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn will all give successful results.

Content Marketing

Developing written and visual content enables your target audience to learn more about the products and services that you offer. Blogging is a great way for your company to educate your target audience on there pain points. In 2020, 24% of companies made higher profits from participating in content marketing. While 70% of companies who are marketing are putting money into the creation of marketing content. By 2021, the investments into content marketing should increase by 14%. Rewriting old successful blog content has grown profits in approximately 51% of organizations. Blog content is a favored way of content marketing by most m, 86% of them believe that blog content is the most effective means of content marketing. Corporations generally find the success of their content based off the number of total sales.

Social Media Marketing

Around 3.96 billion people utilize at least one social media platform (Backlinko, 2021). The increased use of social media platforms makes it the ideal place to market your products and services. 2.6 billion people use Facebook, 160 million people use LinkedIn, 1 billion people use Instagram, 238 million people use snapchat (Statista, 2021). Growing your marketing channels to social media will give you more options to reach your target audience. Snapchat is targeted to audiences between 15-25 as 53% of their users are between that age. Instagram target audience whoa re 34 and younger. While LinkedIn and Facebook can be used to target all demographics. Right now, is the prime time to start your social media marketing! It is estimated that in 2023, there will be around 258 million people using social media in the United States.

Video and Email Marketing

Video marketing is a great way to capture your future customers attention. It is known that video marketing is the second most used type of marketing on social media platforms. While 93% of businesses acquired new clients using video marketing (Animoto, 2019). Around 80% of companies had higher email engagement within a year of using email marketing (HubSpot, 2020). If you are a smaller company email marketing is one of the best way to get the highest return on investment. The effects of email templates and design are important as 20% of businesses reported an improvement of email engagement (HubSpot, 2020).
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